Science Books 2007

Peter Atkins, Four Laws That Drive the Universe, (Hardcover), Oxford University Press.

Fritjof Capra, Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance, (Hardcover), Doubleday.

Ian Stewart, Why Beauty Is Truth: A History of Symmetry, (Hardcover), Perseus Books Group.

Paul J. Steinhardt, Neil Turok, Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang, (Hardcover), Doubleday.

Philp Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, (Hardcover) Random House.

Peter D. Ward, Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future, (Hardcover), Collins.

J. Craig Venter, A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life, (Hardcover), Viking.

Michael Shermer, The Mind of the Market: Compassionate Apes, Competitive Humans, and Other Tales from Evolutionary Economics, (Hardcover), Times Books.

Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, (Hardcover), Knopf.

Gino Segre, Faust in Copenhagen: A Struggle for the Soul of Physics, (Hardcover), Viking.

Steven Pinker, The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature, (Hardcover), Viking.

John Allen Paulos, Irreligion: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up, (Hardcover), Hill and Wang.

Lynn Margulis & Eduardo Punset, Mind, Life, and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of Our Time, (Hardcover), Chelsea Green Publishing.

David Lindley, Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, and the Struggle for the Soul of Science, (Hardcover), Doubleday.

Douglas Hofstatder, I Am a Strange Loop, (Hardcover), Basic Books.

Howard Gardner, Five Minds for the Future, (Hardcover), Harvard Business School Press.

Jeremy Bernstein, Plutonium: A History of the World's Most Dangerous Element, (Hardcover), Joseph Henry Press.

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