What is the impact of appropriate technology in emerging markets

It is well-known that the development of appropriate technology in developing nations is becoming a crucial factor to reduce poverty and inequalities. At the same time, the eco-efficiency principles are perfectly highlighted in the design of appropriate technology.

The research problem is to understand and explore the impact of developing appropriate technology on businesses according to sustainability considerations (economical, social, environmental and ethical issues) through real cases in emerging markets as Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. For example, appropriate technology in Latin America is at an early stage of development and the lack of systematic research and data produces the loss of business opportunities. On the other hand, India is using appropriate technology to improve the standard of living of rural communities with significant success.

How to make a multidimensional analysis (economical, social, environmental and ethical aspects) to understand the lessons learned in case studies around the world and identify what is working and not working in emerging markets. We will try to answer the following questions:
- What is the impact of using appropriate technology on people’s live in emerging markets?
- How to analyze this impact? Are sustainability considerations good tools?
- Are the current business models working for appropriate technology in emerging markets?
- Is there a friendly environment to do business with appropriate technology?
- How is appropriate technology affecting the design process and the life cycle of products/services?

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