Software Freedom Day Celebration in Peru

September 20th is Software Freedom Day, a worldwide celebration of Free Software. Over 500 teams around the globe will be holding events to promote and celebrate the achievements of the Free Software Movement.

Free Software Movement is leading freedom struggle in domain of information technology. This movement is fight for the freedom of knowledge, freedom to communicate and right to share knowledge.

Free Software, also known as "Open Source" software, is software that you can legally: use, copy, modify, and distribute your modified versions.

Free Software is available for free, which means no more software license fee. This makes it accessible and affordable to Peruvian Community.

The celebration of Software Freedom Day will not only encourage grassroot efforts to promote alternative solutions presented by Free Software but more especially celebrate the freedom and innovation.

As part of the celebration Cultura Libre and many local groups are organising a seminar at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru.

Software Freedom Day will be celebrated globally on September 20th, 2008.

Please visit for more information.

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