Agri Mashup: Web 2.0 for Sustainable Agriculture

Agri Mashup is a strategic tool to increase data utilization for creating new economic opportunities and will have a considerable impact on facilitating access to information and knowledge for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) segment. Agriculture is possibly the most important sector at the BoP. It provides livelihoods and subsistence for the largest number of people worldwide. The technology and knowledge largely exist today to make agriculture profitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Farmers and entrepreneurs at the BoP, especially those in rural communities, face many barriers due to a variety of obstacles:
- Informal business environments and inadequate management of processes.
- Insufficient information and know-how to adapt to markets needs and demands.
- Lack of productivity, quality and excellence, their products are often unfinished. - Serious difficulties to built relationships with suppliers, costumers and partners.
- Low levels of capitalization.

Our project will target inclusive and sustainable agriculture at the Base of Pyramid (BoP) in order to boost income, employment, quality of life and help to alleviate poverty. It will help to incorporate farmers and low-income entrepreneurs into the value chains of big agro-industrial businesses in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Agri Mashup offer relevant content by visualizing key information in areas such as market demands, legal advice, sources of financing, government services, business opportunities and technical information. It also addresses some of the major problems facing farmers and low-income entrepreneurs: access to formal economy, integration with global markets, fair trade conditions, better prices and how to giving aggregate value to their products. These people have limited education and understanding of business models. However these creative and successful people are true entrepreneurs who are generating real income, they are able to get themselves out poverty and all they need is access to right tools. This project also present opportunity for visionary companies looking for new markets to increase competitive
advantage while helping BoP communities meet their basic needs but also accelerate economic growth, reduce inequality and poverty. This mashup project is initiative which promotes access to information and knowledge. It make complex data easier to understand and to use.

It can enable billions of farmers and low-income entrepreneurs to participate in the world economy by breaking down the barriers between peoples, markets and knowledge. For those without regular or reliable Internet access, Agri Mashup can also be run on CD-ROMs and USB Keys. As Internet use accelerates the number of potential users will grow rapidly. Formal agro industrial businesses have a role to play in transitioning the informal sector to become formal. Business, NGOs and local governments could use Agri Mashup to assist their informal counterparts in accessing knowledge and information to grow and become formal over time. They could pool their informal distributors and providers together and establish formal trading cooperatives. As cooperatives become larger and more successful they could access to benefits of formal economy. For this reason, entrepreneurs and farmers from rural
communities in Peru will receive technical assistance and training enabling then to
participate in the value chains of big agro industrial businesses. Agri Mashup will be distributed through partnership with our Peruvian partners that can translate the tool into native languages and add relevant localized content. The initiative’s focus on access to knowledge, information and formal economy addresses an unmet need with tremendous potential: Inclusive and sustainable business opportunities for people translate into healthier, better educated families that can benefit generations to come.

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