Mobile Data Collection

Mobile devices are a feasible means of collecting, reporting and request data in real time in remote communities.

Cell phones are ideal tools for a mobile team and the equipment is less likely to be stolen compared with laptops. Computers are also limited in developing countries because of their expense and requirement for additional equipment and cell phones eliminates the need for the health workers to carry lots of paper. Cell phones don’t stick out in the field because from an outside observer, it looks like a health worker is just making a phone call.

Even in communities with limited wired infrastructure, it is possible to develop an effective system using cell phones. Some devices support phone to phone communications without a base station.

The overall goal of this proposal is to develop a system using cell phones for real-time collection/reporting/request of health records and data. However this proposal is applicable to a whole range of other problems like disaster management or reporting environment outbreaks.

The target user groups for the proposed project are school teachers, Yachachiqs (community leaders), social workers, health professionals and health promoters.

The project will be implemented in a decentralized manner for maximum responsiveness to local needs.

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