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  1. magicJack: http://www.magicjack.com/7/index.asp via @addthis
  2. 5 Ways to Mobilize Hundreds - http://unreasonableinstitute.org/blog/644 (via @BeUnreasonable)
  3. RT: @make MAKE visited MIT last week and got a look at Jonathan Ward's low-cost PCB mill: http://bit.ly/8fhTGd
  4. RT: @ethnosproject Developing Appropriate Technology to Improve Quality of Life and Retain Cultural Diversity: http://tinyurl.com/yd8947s
  5. RT: @mashable The Global Implications of Google?s Stand Against Chinese Censorship - http://bit.ly/64FfYg
  6. RT: @Slate Google to stop censoring Chinese results after cyber attacks on Chinese human rights activists http://bit.ly/8PgXA1
  7. RT: @SSIReview Check out these tips for how nonprofits can outrun the recession -... http://bit.ly/6Wm99x
  8. Check this video -- World Bank IC4D: 2009 Information and Communications for Development Rep... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxxk-H6qfcg
  9. Business Training Courses: Small Business & Social Enterprise | I-Genius London UK: http://www.i-geniusacademy.com/ via @addthis
  10. FTA - The concepts of Free Software and Open Standards | FTA - Free Technology Academy: http://ftacademy.org/materials/fsm/1#1 via @addthis
  11. Great deal on 'The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time' by Jeffrey Sachs (Paperback - ... http://bit.ly/5vvmnc
  12. Desalinating Water Using Solar Pond and Membrane Distillation System :: Green Design and Manufacturing: http://bit.ly/8dP7g6 via @addthis
  13. Check this video out -- Underwater trash http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HjN3aWac4U
  14. Machines That Make | MtM | An MIT Center for Bits and Atoms Project: http://mtm.cba.mit.edu/ via @addthis
  15. Check this video out -- Low-cost fabbed 3-axis mill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELijl7mhOus
  16. RT: @ForumOne Google Policy Fellowship deadline extended to Jan. 25 | http://ow.ly/Td6o
  17. RT: @beyondprofit The 10 American Ideas of the Decade http://bit.ly/5urOHw
  18. Check this video out -- Unreasonable Institute Finalist Marketplace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGYlUhcIKT8
  19. Growth Economy Venture Challenge - Calling All Innovators | Forum Nokia: http://bit.ly/6aeyFU via @addthis
  20. infoDev, Finland, Nokia Partner to Support Innovative SMEs | infoDev.org: http://bit.ly/6ZYF6U via @addthis
  21. Trust Me - Business Insight - Wall Street Journal / MIT Sloan - MIT Sloan Management Review: http://bit.ly/4XZ6DG via @addthis
  22. RT: @PopMech 7 Small Companies With Big Inventions and Innovations at CES. http://bit.ly/6YTOuN Best of #CES2010
  23. RT: @change Vertical gardens help local eating reach new heights: http://bit.ly/7CKBTn
  24. RT: @BASESEvents New blog post: Social-M Challenge: Fostering Social Movements http://bit.ly/6RXHte
  25. Great deal on Amazon: 'Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Wome...' by Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl... http://bit.ly/932Hfz
  26. RT: @sciencemagazine Performing arts draw inspiration from science: http://bit.ly/4JFcOz
  27. RT: Entrepreneurs (cleantech, organics, etc) can apply to Investors' Circle Spring 2010 conf before Weds, January 13, http://bit.ly/803H1z
  28. RT: @GOODfeed Does Invention Require Design? http://ow.ly/16iQZb
  29. RT: @alleyinsider How To Shut Down Your Company And Keep Your Reputation Intact by @cdixon http://bit.ly/7drlEW
  30. RT: @emeka_okafor How Lego shifted from a "company-centric culture to a customer-centric culture" http://bit.ly/5kD3qn
  31. RT: @s4startups Grants for social enterprises working in health & social care #socent closing date 15th Jan http://bit.ly/4S7O46
  32. RT: @ResearchBlogs A Decade for Psychiatric Disorders...? http://goo.gl/fb/pOsJ
  33. RT: @IDBnews How do you think Climate Change will affect the provision of Energy in Latin... http://bit.ly/6jyQtI
  34. RT: @GOODfeed Design Responsibly http://ow.ly/16i8c5
  35. Great deal on Amazon: 'Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard' by Chip Heath, Dan Heath (Hard... http://bit.ly/6fl5Ai
  36. How people work - physicsworld.com: http://bit.ly/5ykUw4 via @addthis
  37. Clean Energy Financing | Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory: http://rael.berkeley.edu/financing via @addthis
  38. 2020 visions : Article : Nature: http://bit.ly/8amN3k via @addthis
  39. Check this video out -- The End of Exploration on Mars? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnRdXthmvzw
  40. RT: @core77 Check out Robert Fabricant's "How Google (or Apple) Can Win the Great Super Phone War of 2010" http://bit.ly/5mLBWw
  41. RT: @PopSci How 3-D TV Works http://bit.ly/4G37ux
  42. Check this video out -- CES 2010: A Glimpse at This Year's Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx-AVetuHXQ
  43. Climate Wizard: http://www.climatewizard.org/ via @addthis
  44. Home ? Climate Solutions: http://www.climatesolutions.org/ via @addthis
  45. Project Get Ready: Preparing Cities for the Plug-in Electric Vehicle: http://projectgetready.com/ via @addthis
  46. RT: @inhabitat Enter the Greener Gadgets Competition for $5000 in prizes ? 2 DAYS LEFT!! http://bit.ly/7weioh
  47. RT: @designmattersCA Seed funding for social innovation at http://sparkseed.org/competition
  48. RT: @HarvardBiz The Google Phone's Disruptive Potential http://bit.ly/6kJ7JI
  49. The 'Open100' competition is a celebration of the power of openness and mass collaboration: http://bit.ly/7ChRGQ via @addthis
  50. Rockefeller Foundation's push toward design and innovation - BusinessWeek: http://bit.ly/68lARP via @addthis
  51. Fair Wage Guide: http://www.fairtradecalculator.com/ via @addthis
  52. Check this video out -- VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0pwKzTRG5E
  53. The Global Social Benefit Incubator GSBI? 2010 ? Social Edge: http://bit.ly/89c6OJ via @addthis
  54. RT: @GOODfeed Criticisms of the Singularity http://ow.ly/16gDJa
  55. RT: @sciam Kepler Spacecraft Spots 5 New Exoplanets http://bit.ly/7JwSpb
  56. Check this video out -- 5 Years of AIDG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCNoGbN5xUU
  57. RT: @greenbiz The Green Business Decade in Review http://bit.ly/5vnbaf
  58. RT: @alleyinsider 10 Ideas That Will Make The Next Decade A Lot More Interesting, Healthy, And Civil http://bit.ly/6njB0b
  59. RT: @Innovation360 Visit Innovation 360 to download free Innovation case studies, research and best practices. http://is.gd/5oOUH
  60. RT: @latenitecoder A Look At The Science Of ?Avatar? - http://bit.ly/6MQfd3
  61. The Mystery of Capital among the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon | Sci Tech Biz Dev: http://bit.ly/6musmL via @addthis
  62. Nature Medicine Classic Collection : Nature Medicine: http://bit.ly/8A5Ojb via @addthis
  63. Check this video out -- The First Bionic Eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lXRHPKIvLc
  64. RT: @Richard_Dawkins The Top Science Stories of 2009 http://short.to/123vy
  65. RT: @TechCrunch Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010 http://tcrn.ch/861Q6K by @erickschonfeld
  66. RT: @alleyinsider Top 10 Objectively Biggest Tech Stories Of 2009 http://bit.ly/59zsW0
  67. RT: @HarvardBiz The Decade in Management Ideas http://bit.ly/5apKye
  68. RT: @sciandthecity First podcast of the new year! The Science of Sushi | The New York Academy of Sciences - http://bit.ly/7BOLFi
  69. RT: @mashable Location, Location, Location: 5 Big Predictions for 2010 - http://bit.ly/8N9drN
  70. Happy New Year!
  71. RT: @socialentrprnr RT @change If Not Google, Who Will Change Telecoms? http://bit.ly/5RHGAt
  72. RT: @GOODfeed What Was the Best Year of the Decade? http://ow.ly/16f26t
  73. Check this video out -- Art in the Archive at National Geographic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8AQSA0kgco
  74. RT: @sciencemagazine As 2009 comes to a close, some areas to watch in 2010: http://bit.ly/7jJAvG
  75. Check this video out -- SciCafe Presents Mysteries of the Congo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW9WZGNBTCw
  76. RT: @2020science Ten emerging technology trends to watch over the next decade - http://2020science.org/Yp
  77. RT: @core77 NYTimes: Seeing Customers as Partners in Invention http://s.nyt.com/u/Ad2
  78. RT: @newscientist For any toddlers still asking, here's how he does it: The science of Santa http://bit.ly/7iV1SR
  79. RT: @ethnosproject Human-Computer Interaction for Development: The Past, Present, and Future: http://tinyurl.com/yh5hmtf
  80. RT @ethnosproject @ICT_works @bill_easterly @kiwanja @Catapult_Design: A must-read on "design for developing countries" http://is.gd/5CybL
  81. RT: @inhabitat How to Recycle Your Holiday Wrapping Paper http://bit.ly/5F5LK9
  82. RT: @Richard_Dawkins Ten Ways Atheists Can Enjoy Christmas http://short.to/11mce
  83. RT: @mashable How Twitter Conquered the World in 2009 - http://bit.ly/7Lo4qg
  84. RT: @Richard_Dawkins Scientists Clone Perfect Christmas Tree http://short.to/11mci
  85. Happy Xmas all
  86. RT: @GOODfeed The Senate Passes Health Health Care Reform http://ow.ly/16daCs
  87. RT: @PopMech 7 Top Technology Trends That Ruled 2009 http://bit.ly/8OQPdV #digg #gadgets
  88. Newsmaker of the year: The power player : Nature News: http://bit.ly/4wvrwC via @addthis
  89. Technology Review: A Year of Stimulus for High Tech: http://bit.ly/4tJc8Q via @addthis
  90. The HBR List: Breakthrough Ideas for 2010 - Harvard Business Review: http://bit.ly/4xpdTK via @addthis
  91. Check this video out -- Pro Mujer video clip: Investing in Women's Dreams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AuEGJ6yC5E
  92. Argonne scientists use bacteria to power simple machines: http://bit.ly/7AnVxx via @addthis
  93. Check this video out -- Take Complexity Out of Your Company http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIOpT4ImurQ

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