"Create the Future" Design Contest 2011

You are invited to enter the 2011 "Create the Future" Design Contest, sponsored by COMSOL, Creo - a PTC product, and Tech Briefs Media Group. The ninth annual contest will recognize outstanding innovations in product design, awarding a Grand Prize of $20,000 USD.

New this year is an Electronics Design category sponsored by Digi-Key Corp. Additional entry categories include Consumer Products; Machinery & Equipment; Medical; Safety and Security; Sustainable Technologies; and Transportation. Entries can be submitted by individuals and/or teams in up to seven categories.

The top entry in each category will receive a workstation computer from Hewlett-Packard. The top ten most popular entries, as voted on by site registrants, will get a 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion. All qualified entrants will be included in a drawing for NASA Tech Briefs T-shirts, and the winning entries will be featured in a special supplement to NASA Tech Briefs magazine. All entries must be received by June 30, 2011. There is no cost to enter.

Visit www.createthefuture2011.com for details and the official entry form.

Here some of my favorities projects:

The Combined Aero-Hydro-Turbine and Propeller

Jacob Bitsadze
Tbilisi, QarTli Georgia

The combined turbine is in 3 times more effective than the already existing. This effect is reached by that, between vertical blades of the turbine horizontal propellers are located (free or rigidly), which force air into the space between blades. Between these propellers in the center of the turbine is located a turbodetander.

Greenerator - The Green Residential Generator

Jonathan Globerson
Sunny Isles Beach, FL United States

Some lucky people live in private homes, which gives them the option to install solar panels and wind turbines in their gardens and rooftops. But what about the majority of the people on the planet that reside in apartment buildings and don’t own their own roof or backyard? The Greenerator gives a clever solution to that problem.

USB TO USB Data Transfer

deepak g
bangalore, karnataka india

We use a pen drive to transfer data from one system to other system. My idea is if the data is in one USB and if we want to transfer it to another USB there is no need to transfer it to your personal computer. Instead the USB drive has an option of a slot on its other end to insert another pen drive to it. The pen drive which is charged through computer detects any USB connected to it. it reads the data and transfers the data to the USB by operating of the switch on button.

Loop Handle Design

Eric K. Rugg
Stafford, VA USA

The Trekr Loop Handle© is a new handle design for mankind’s oldest and simplest machines: hammers, hatchets, pickaxes, etc. The loop design offers several advantages over the traditional handles. The loop end makes losing grip on the handle almost impossible; it would offer an ideal handhold if used on rock-climbing pickaxes.

Adjustable Geometry Bicycle

Mark Curran
Chatsworth, CA USA

This is an adjustable geometry prone recumbent bicycle. The bike is displayed in its "down" position. At low speeds it is "upright", allowing balance by aligning the riders hips over the pedals and the hands over the front wheel. At speeds over 30 mph, the bike will lower down by use of pneumatic gas springs and allow the rider to maintain a more streamlined position for reduced wind resistance.

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