My Favorite Science Books

'The Illustrated on the Shoulders of Giants: The Grea... by Stephen Hawking

'The Self-Made Tapestry: Pattern Formation in Nature by Philip Ball

Cats' Paws and Catapults: Mechanical Worlds of Na...' by Steven Vogel

Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another' by Philip Ball

'Dynamics of Dinosaurs by R. McNeill Alexander

The Universe Below : Discovering the Secrets of the Deep Sea

Dinosaurs, Spitfires, and Sea Dragons

Signs of Life: How Complexity Pervades Biology

Five More Golden Rules: Knots, Codes, Chaos, and Other Great Theories of
20th-Century Mathematics

Prime Mover: A Natural History of Muscle

In Search of the Lost Cord: Solving the Mystery of Spinal Cord Regeneration

The Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can\'t Do Without It

The Engines of Our Ingenuity: An Engineer Looks at Technology and Culture

How the Mind Works

The Millennium Problems: The Seven Greatest Unsolved Mathematical Puzzles Of Our

It Must Be Beautiful: Great Equations of Modern Science


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